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We’ve had our time apart (two metres, minimum), but now salon doors are finally reopening. Before the big reunion, there’s some salon etiquette to consider as we adjust to the ‘new normal’. Hand-washing, mask-wearing, resisting the urge to hug your hairstylist – a bit of guidance will help to make sure everyone inside – and outside – the salon stay healthy.

Your new routine

A bit different to the usual, for unusual times.
Here’s some guidance on staying safe at the salon.

Not feeling well?

Skip the salon visit and reschedule your appointment. We’ve asked our salon partners to share that message with their team too.

If you've got a mask, wear it.

This can help to stop the spread of germs. Think of how much you'll save on lip liner.

Avoid hugging or shaking hands

inside the salon. The reunion with your therapist will still be glorious without high-fiving your hairdresser.

Leave the salon door open.

(if your salon says so). Less handle-opening means less surface-touching, so if the door's open when you arrive at the salon, leave it that way.

Bring a drink with you.

Having a bottle in your bag (or a flat white from that place next door) reduces the risk of contamination from cups at the salon.

Pay for your treatment in advance,

so that you (and your stylist) won't have to handle cash at the salon. Otherwise, paying on a card is a good idea too.

Wash and sanitise your hands often.

Now that antibacterialhand sanitiser is back on the shelves, get some, and don’t forget the 20-second washing rule.

Sort of like a new beauty routine

Making the new ‘rules’ work for you – these easy reads are full of advice on adjusting to in-salon guidelines (because the need for hand cream is real).


How to stop your hands

                from feeling dry

How to care

for your skin when

wearing a mask




in the salon

Fresh from
the blog

About to trim your own fringe? Godspeed. Hear from our experts on how to handle beauty at home and read up on how we’re supporting the industry.

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