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Great hair days rule, right? So we've teamed up with the beauties and brains over at System Professional, who've masterminded the concept of EnergyCode™ mapping. In ten magic minutes, they'll identify your hair's unique ID, then create an ultra-personalised haircare routine to transform your locks to luxe.









What is the EnergyCode™?

A bespoke analysis to decipher your ultimate take-home haircare routine. Dryness, repair, volume, frizz, colour...crack your EnergyCode™ and you can treat all your needs. System Professional, we salute you!









Are you the combo queen?

We all know what combination skin is and we’d hazard a guess most of us fall into the ‘combination’ category, at least during some seasons of the year. But what about combination hair? Read on to find out how to care for it.









Do you wash your hair like a pro?

Have you noticed salon hair always lasts longer than anything you do at home? Us too. We enlisted the help of Sophie Ruggiero, System Professional Expert, to give us a few pointers on how to get hair really clean and get that salon-washed feeling at home.









The summer hair hacks to know

As much as we all crave ‘beach hair’, all that sea, sun and surf isn’t so great for your locks. We speak to Sophie Ruggiero, who’s seen more cases of ‘holiday hair’ than you have air miles for her expert tips on how to keep things manageable this summer...