Hollywood, Brazilian...what?!

Isn't it about time we took the mystery out of waxing?

Hollywood, Brazilian...
Isn't it about time we took the mystery out of waxing?

The 'all

off' wax


Let's talk about wax

All your waxing questions, answered

How long does your hair have to be? How long will it last? What's the difference between a Hollywood and a Brazilian? Okay, chill out. Breathe. We're going to clarify.

The 11 biggest waxing mistakes you’re about to make

To guarantee maximum smoothness and minimal discomfort, there are a few rules of thumb we implore you to follow.

Ways to minimise waxing pain we wish we'd known about before

Does it hurt? I mean, we would really love to say no. But (you guessed it) – yep, yep it does hurt. But, there are nifty ways to minimise discomfort.


The 'some

left' wax

lighter gold
Group 1

The choice is yours...

The choice

is yours...

Don't take our word for it, let them tell you where's good...

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We won't tell

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