Our exclusive Spring Fling campaign has now ended, but smarter booking needn’t stop there! Join the glow-getters and snap up one of our last-minute or off-peak salon steals to go luxe for less.

Spring fling waxing offers..


Up to 50% off full leg wax 

Decisions - we're wondering which half you'll wax?


Up to 50% off half leg wax

Survey says - you must be going on some kind of holiday

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Up to 50% off bikini wax

That feeling - when you flounce out of the salon post-wax

Spring fling brow & lashes offers..

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Up to 50% off shape & tint

Low maintenance - minimal effort, maximum impact = ideal

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Up to 50% off lash extensions

Oh the drama - say goodbye to your mascara collection

Spring fling nail offers...