Man about town

Flirting with the idea of a beard? Considering a barnet upgrade? Need some face time but don’t know your extraction facials from your galvanic face-lifts? Relax, you’ve hit the right spot with our modern man’s grooming guide. In the words of Zoolander, it’s time to make yourself really, really ridiculously good-looking...

Back to basics

Stay trim

There's a fine-line between artfully dishevelled and down and out. Up your grooming game with regular trims - from rough to buff at the tap of our app. Easy.

Master stroke

In need of a good pummelling? Don't ignore the warning signs. Tackle those knots with a deep tissue or hot stone massage.

Groom ’n’ go

Let's get one thing straight. There is nothing, we mean NOTHING worse than a wild, tufty, crumb-catching beard. Sort yourself out with some expert grooming.

You know you want to...

Pores for thought

Your girlfriend is staring at your blackheads. So get to them before she does and avoid being scarred for life. You know real men get facials, right?

Hot stuff

When the going gets tough, the tough hit the heat. A steam, a sauna, a steam again. It's the age-old answer to a hard day's work. Or workout.

You know you need to

Back in the game

A backcial? Yes, it's like a facial, but for your back. Because, you know, no-one likes to see back zits do they. Time to get de-clogging.

Smooth operator

Waxing: it hurts, it works, just do it. We don't like to talk about it either, but when you're rocking that gorilla suit, you leave us no choice.

Handy work

Gnarly nails? Scaly skin? Annoying little flappy bits around your cuticles? Yup, you need a menicure. Like a manicure, but more manly.

Fresh from The Treatment Files

High Brow

One minute they're all normal, then...aargh! You've turned into Denis Healey. The time has come to tame those unruly caterpillars, ahem, eye brows.

A Cut Above

Stuck in a hair rut? Hit refresh with a new barnet. From fade cuts to buzz cuts, our trend report showcases the best hairstyles of the season.