Get your Colour

Rush on

Don't have three hours to spare for highlights? Dye DIY skills not quite salon standard? Then say hello to a colour revolution - the Colour Blowdry from Wella. Lift  colour, touch up  roots or add some pastel shades. Add a blowdry, and bounce out of the salon in under an hour.


Wella, we salute you!

One colour to rule them all? We don't think so! Choose one of these...

Love your colour, just want a refresh? Quick, easy and take-home, top-up shades available - this one's for you.

Unicorn vibes? Rose-gold glow? Add a creative touch of colour. Get festival ready. 

Don’t feel flat. Top up your colour with a shot of tone + semi colour. Quick colour boost, this way...!

Adds a clear shine to your existing hair colour for extra light reflection. Swish, swish your way out the salon.

Colour confusion? Browse all the options and choose your perfect Colour Blowdry. Colour happiness this way.

Meet the three 'C’s - colour, condition, crystal shine. A subtle colour boost but the mantra of any glamour queen.

All you need to know about colour, from the experts

Does hair colour damage your hair? Does washing coloured hair make it fade? Our expert beauty team reveal all.

Head turning? Yes. Grungy? Absolutely not. The facts you need to know about the hair colour trending right now.

How to style hair like an expert, how to keep colour salon-fresh. 8 top tips by Wella colour expert, Issie Churcher.

Get your colour rush on - the lunchtime colour challenge

Three hair colour addicts. One hour. The challenge? Can Wella's Colour Blowdry really give you the perfect colour boost in just an hour?

Unicorn me

Be experimental this summer. Add some pastel shades in under an hour. After all who doesn't want to be a unicorn?

Girl on the street...

...vs. a Wella Colour Master expert. We ask, they answer. Your guide to 'salon speak' is here.

Keeping your cool

Icy blondes take note. Cool tones in under an hour with a bespoke glossing service that leaves that 'swish, swish'.